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BookMaker V2.1

BookMaker is a program to print a text file onto printer in book style. This means that all text splitted into booklets and printed on sheets of paper in two columns on each side. After proper folding, you can get a nice book.
Unfortunatily, I dont currently support this program, 'cos there are home typographies exists :)

EWSDView V2.22

Working with SIEMENS EWSD electronic exchange, technicians need to know what's happened inside. This dream can be true because of EWSD logging capabilities. This exchange writes all of an events inside it in special file, called IA.ICAMA. This file can be downloaded to PC by File Transfer via X.25. Here is this file processing application.
By means of this program, you can view, select or export needful records from AMA file. Searching in it may take as short as from several seconds to several minutes (DISPAMA command on EWSD may proceed up to an hour).